Sunday, November 14, 2010


I think a large part of our problem for OS came from a lack of planning. We were making design and algorithm decisions during our slip day. Not good. :/

We should have sat down and planned out the project in its entirety before we started programming. We were trying to do things sections at a time, as if it were an agile project or something. Unfortunately, pretty much everything in the system was intricately intertwined so looking at some of those modules in isolation didn't really make sense a lot of the time.

I think we'll make it a point to do much for A3. That is, I would like to have the project fully planned out and designed before we write a single line of code. Hopefully this will make the project go much smoother than A2.

There's three weeks of classes left, and A3 hasn't been assigned yet. This is going to be fun.

On a related note, our next DB project has been fairly well planned out. I think that we are making great progress, and our architecture is solid. I am actually a little proud of our dinky design, even though it's just a simple MVP architecture. With three weeks until the deadline, I think we won't be pulling any late nights with this one.


  1. Once you guys are done with that, I'd like to take a look at your sources. You never needed to write a bootloader, did you?

  2. The bootloader was written for us. The base code they give us for OS/161 is openly available. Here's how to get it on your school Unix account: