Saturday, November 13, 2010

Language Expertise.

Sometimes I read articles about languages and I realize how little I actually know about these languages. I feel like I should read a nice technical book from front to back. Something like Head First C#, rather than Code Complete. I eventually want to read both, but I feel like I should know my languages in more detail before I learn more about engineering techniques.

Not to mention I know very little about some fields of development, like web development. Hopefully I will get a nice crash course in web development during my work term.

My goal is to get through a lot of books this Winter. I should be able to do it since I won't be worrying about OS or DB all the time. :P Hopefully I won't be too distracted by Roslin house/video games.

On my to read list (in order):
Head First Java
- Re-read Clean Code
Code Complete 2

I will be happy if I can get through those in 4 months, but more would be nice.

Anyway, I should probably do something productive. Maybe I'll fail at Algorithms for a bit. :/

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