Monday, November 1, 2010


I official got matched for Karos Health for next semester. I feel really bad since a lot of the other jobs I had offers for went unfilled. Hopefully they will all find other candidates to fill the roles in the continuous phase or something.

I'm so excited. I want to just start my co-op term now. Instead, I have algorithms and OS to finish. :/

So battle plan:
- Finish Algorithms. There is one more little bug to iron out in my Levenstein distance, and I should be done.
- See a movie with Girl. Maybe The Social Network, maybe Red. I am cool either way.
- OS OS OS OS. I have to finish all the file stuff, then execv and exception handling. There's exactly a week left and the pressure is building. This is going to be busy week.


  1. Wait, if you were stuck on a dessert island, where would you get the electricity to watch 3 long movies?

    Maybe you should bring a spoon and eat your way out instead.

  2. 14 year old me clearly doesn't think these things through. Perhaps magazines would have been a better choice.