Saturday, November 27, 2010

Final Push

This week is going to suck...

The two projects are due this week. DB is due Friday, OS is Sunday. (and there's that pesky algorithms on Thursday :/). DB is very close to being finished. We are in the testing phase right now. Hopefully we will write our last lines of code today. OS is much, much further from being completed. In fact, we have 0 feature implemented, and we are still unsure about how everything works. We have some framework code working, but that really isn't impressive. Hopefully with DB out of the way, we can focus all our time on this and figure it out ASAP.

At least after this week is over, the crazy course load is done. I'm not expecting exams to be that bad. At the very least, it won't be a super busy time for me. This means I'll have time to sleep (and not have dreams about OS and DB)! That'll be the life!

How is your last week looking?

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