Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life After OSA2

With OS done, I finally have some spare time. Woo! I am assignment free for a whole week! I feel  like I have so much free time now. I am going to be an Arts student for a week and do nothing productive.

So, I randomly took up Starcraft. lol. I won my first game today, with the help of Girl. Woo! I miss having time for games. I look forward to going back to gaming during my co-op term.

Speaking of co-op terms, I am meeting my co-workers on Thursday! Ahh! We are going to talk about all the projects I could work on and the related technologies. Hopefully I will have time to actually look into some of those things. I will get a lot of practice with Java with the upcoming DB project. We are (most likely) using Java, with JDBC and JUnit.  I am actually pretty excited for the DB project. We have a lot of freedom. We get to choose pretty much any technologies involved (other than the DB itself. We are stuck with DB2 for that :|). Jesse and I also get to do some architecture, something we both want to get into later. :) Weee! Our professor has a software engineering background, so hopefully we can impress him with our beautiful and pragmatic design.

I am going to work on that now actually (I guess I won't act like an Arts student after all...)


  1. Why is it called Developers Anonymous if you have an About Me widget right beside the title?

  2. It's just a name. These things don't have to make sense.

  3. Also, yo:


  4. Yeah, I saw that earlier this week. Pretty cool stuff. I am looking forward to seeing what other cool things they can do with it. I know Will was studying how GAs could be used as a model for human learning.

  5. Actually scratch that, apparently there's no crossover in the source, which AFAIK is the biggest bitch in implementation.

    Sorry, looks like you'll have to keep hunting for some real genetic algs.

  6. Also, I should've probably replied under your genetic post instead of here.