Friday, January 7, 2011

User Interfaces On The Web

At Karos Health, I've been doing a lot of user interface development for the web. I am learning a lot about designing user friendly interfaces that provide business users with the best user experience. This seems like a very challenging and rewarding problem, and certainly an interesting way to spend my 9-5. There's a lot to consider when designing usable systems, and I'm starting to appreciate all the intricacies of UI design. I am looking forward to the UI course in summer even more now.

I found this article on designing good web forms, and thought it was pretty good. I will have to remember to apply some of these things to my user interfaces for Karos.


  1. Yah, user navigation can sometimes be tricky.

    When I worked at CIBC, I read through user comments and found that sometimes it was difficult for them to navigate quickly, and annoying to scroll through forms to get to navigations...

    We'll I came up with an idea for a floating dock using AJAX that gave them a quick access to important navigation and settings for the page.

    It's an object called AlwaysVisibleControl which remains in the same spot while the user scrolls down the page. My manager and supervisor were really happy with that idea and addition :) I wonder what the user feedback was... I left before it was actually implemented.

  2. A lot of the forms for illustration aren't pretty.

    UI designers are what's important, not graphic designers.

    Companies often make the mistake of confusing the two.