Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introducing J3WAO

The Arts 304 project is coming along very nicely. We have a few really great ideas out there, and we should be deciding on one on Thursday. I am really impressed with the ideas we came up with so far. I also really like how our team is interacting. Everyone has an important contribution to the project, and everyone seems to be interacting really well. Things like duets in the Comfy! :P Our group even has an unofficial name: J3WAO (initials of the members). I am really excited to see how this project unfolds! :)

There are a lot of interesting challenges from a technical point of view. Specifically, one of our main goals is to deploy to multiple platforms. Jesse and I and currently doing research on possible platforms and tools that would make this easier. Part of the problem is that neither of us have ever developed for mobile devices before. We also need to look at available game frameworks. Since we are on a very tight timeline, we don't have time to reinvent too many things. Lots of stuff to learn! Wooo! :)

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