Thursday, December 16, 2010

Version Control Models

I've started reading Pro Git, a book on how to use git correctly. I figured it would be good to know all the ins and outs of git, since I'll be using it at Karos Health. The book does a pretty good job at summarizing the differences between the various version control methodologies. It certainly cleared up some things in my mind. Here's the page that talks about it.

To be honest, distributed source control systems seem like overkill, but that might be just because I haven't worked on projects big enough (ie. not a Linux kernel). At BBM we used TFS for source control and everything seemed to work smoothly. The project I worked on was only around 300 KLOC though.

In other news, I probably passed Physics. Here's hoping. Now I get to relax for a bit and do all my "easy" exams. :)

Do any of you guys have experience with git? How do you like it?

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  1. TFS is really a fantastic source control system.