Wednesday, December 22, 2010

End of Exam Plans

Tomorrow is my last exam. DB can die. Rawr!

Plans for Dec 22 6:30pm - Jan 03 9:00am
- Clean Roslin House.
- Play a lot of video games. :)
- Play with Toronto friends.
- New Years with Girl.
- Do Christmas-y type things with my parents.
- Play with GWT more. It would be awesome if I could apply it to some project, but I don't have any pet projects to work on right now. :/
- Finish that git book. Git seems pretty nice, after reading all the literature. Before I was blindly using it without knowing any of the theory.
- Finish that SE course.
- Find a nice little genetic algorithm challenge for Willis and I to do. We want to see who can create a better GA for some problem. Should be a fun little project during our work terms. Any ideas?

What are you guys going to do after exams? Presumably a lot of you are already done. Waterloo drags on with exams forever. *Sigh*

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