Monday, May 23, 2011

New York!

I went to Sackets, New York with Dani this long weekend! I got to go to my very first wedding! It was so much fun!

I had scrum training with Declan Whelan as part of REAP on Friday. It ended at 7pm, so we had to leave pretty late to New York. The training was great! I'm very interested in seeing how the REAP team can apply Scrum, and it's concepts, to a non-software project. The whole team seemed to be very interested in pursing the idea of using Scrum for the project, so we'll probably get more training in the future. Awesome!

Anyway, we left Waterloo pretty late. We stopped by Toronto to get my passport (border laws >_<), and then chugged along to our hotel in Watertown, NY. We got there around 1:30am. I learned (slash remembered) that King sized beds are not a little bigger than a Queen sized bed. They are much, much bigger. It was awesome. Of course the first thing we did was jump on the bed. Go us.

Next morning, we went to the wedding in Sackets. They had a small (40 people) ceremony under a gazebo overlooking the harbor. It was quite pretty! The whole thing only lasted about 10 minutes. A good introduction to weddings for me. :P

After that, Dani and I sneaked off to eat some food, while everyone else took buttloads of pictures. It was good.  Then we went to the reception...somewhere. lol. That was also fun. We actually got a chance to talk with the bride and groom. It was nice of them to take time to talk to all the guests. :)

After the wedding, we were both exhausted, so we went back to the hotel to relax. Dani fell asleep for 2 hours and then couldn't get to bed until 5am. Sweet deal.

Sunday was mostly uneventful. In the morning (well, "morning" = noon), we went for a drive around Sackets. It's a really nice city. It reminds me of cottage country. It's fun to see how american flags there are in that city. Literally every pole has a flag on it. You never see that in Canada.

After our morning joy ride, we went back to the hotel, watched a movie (My Big Fat Greek Wedding!), and then went on another late night joy ride! We went on a quest to find an open Dunkin' Dodo's (tm). We got lost. Surprise. It was another fun drive though.

All in all, it was a great weekend. My first wedding was excellent! Yay! :)

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