Thursday, March 10, 2011

J3WAO update

It's been a while since I talked about our progress with J3WAO. The biggest update is that we changed the scope of the project. Originally, we were planning on making an RPG with a music-driven battle engine. Instead, we are making more of an action game with the same battle engine. Instead of advancing the story through RPG elements like map exploration, the story will be advanced more like a fighting game. Specifically, the story will be developed through cut scenes or dialog that is between planned battles.

The reason we decided on this change was to because of time constraints. Our team is more busy than we originally thought, so we don't have time to implement everything that we wanted. We changed the project so that we could release a complete, polished, and content-filled game for the end of the course.

However, we are still planning to create an RPG version of the game. We will have two complete games to release to market when we are done. That should be very cool. :)

As for progress, our team is mostly done the battle engine. After we get a few more features ironed out, we can move onto our game engine that will transition between stories and battles. Once that's done, we will focus on content generation, testing, and deployment. It should be an exciting few weeks. There's only 4 more weeks until the course is done, so we're working hard to get this thing out. :)

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