Tuesday, March 15, 2011

<3 Software Engineering (and Mockito)

At work today, I took a lot of time to write unit tests properly. There was a lot of refactoring, dependency injection, and mocking. I was using Mockito as a mocking framework, and I am very impressed so far. The syntax is simply beautiful. Simple, to-the-point, elegant. Check it out:

Wow. This is so clean! Look at line 7. It reads like an English sentence. Or Ruby. Go figure. Certainly not like most noisy Java code.

Today I remembered why I really love software development. It's so cool to see such complicated modules of code working together in such elegant ways. Things like dependency injection and programming to modular interfaces all come together to let you do some really powerful things, like unit testing. I'm so impressed that you can take any random component in a huge, complex system, and be able to run it in isolation. The amount of software engineering it takes to get that to work in a huge system is quite impressive. It reminds me why I'm so fascinated by software engineering.

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