Thursday, February 10, 2011

Smartphone Medical Devices

Check this out. A company called MobiUS released a very cool, and very portable, ultrasound system. The system is primarily comprised of the wand and a smartphone. Because both of these components are so small and portable, the entire system is very mobile and inexpensive to use. Further, because the device stores the data  in a phone, it makes sharing the data very easy.

I think it's really interesting to see all the new applications coming out of smartphones. I'd like to see what other innovations we might see from smartphones.


  1. Also check out this EKG for iPhone:

    While I don't know if these devices will see huge adoption in developed countries, they're probably leagues better than what you'd otherwise have in underdeveloped nations.

  2. Now we're all set for that time when Trauma Centre gets into a car crash.

  3. Thanks for the link :). It seems neat.

    The cool thing about these sorts of devices is that they are really efficient in terms of cost-benefit. While they might not be as powerful as some alternatives, they can cost an order of magnitude less, and still get the job done. I think this would be a nice alternative for money-strapped hospitals around the world, developed countries included.