Thursday, February 3, 2011

J3WAO Game

So I realize that I haven't talked about the actual game we want to create for J3WAO.

Our game is a music driven RPG. The player's attack are linked to music and interactive cues on the screen. The player needs to tap (or swipe!) the screen at the right time and place, based on the music. The attack mechanics are very much osu! inspired. We are also working on a storyline and a Final Fantasy Tactics style map.

We are planning to release to both iPhone and Android. We also have plans to release a desktop (web-based) version. We are using Adobe AIR to give us the flexibility to deploy to all these platforms with minimal effort. We get to use Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3 for development. These tools have great support for game design, so using this platform will probably save us a lot of development time.

Our first milestone release (of the three scheduled for the course) is next Thursday. Our goal is to have a simple proof of concept demo out by then. I'll try to post some screenshots of the game when it gets more presentable. :P

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