Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day

It's been a while between updates. Frosh week kept me very busy, but mostly I've been lazy. I'll be better this semester, promise.

Today was my first day at RL Solutions. It was quite exciting. Basically the company makes a suite of software that prevents medical errors. I am still learning how everything works.

I am a little surprised how complicated some of the features are. For example, if a patient has some accident, say they fall inside the hospital for whatever reason, the hospital staff fill out a form. The form is very long and requires a lot of information (who, when, how, what happened, what happened after, who did you contact, etc...). It takes like 20 minutes to go through, and that doesn't include any insurance information (which is notoriously more complicated). This makes UI design an important priority for the software, since there is a lot of room for speeding up this data entry. Should be an interesting project. In general, the software's UI is pretty well built. It's a pleasure to use. :)

Development will be web-based .NET, something I've never done, so I'm excited to learn more about it.

My coworkers are all very nice. It should be a fun semester. There is a pool table. I look forward to using it. :P

Should be another great semester. :)


  1. Wow there's a pool table... How do your workplaces keep getting better every time? You'd think the quality of your workspace would hit a wall eventually :P

    Although I'm pretty happy with my job also, they feed me a lot :P

    But still a pool table... I am jealous :P