Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stanford CS courses!

Stanford University is offering a few courses next semester for free online. Here are the classes:

- Machine Learning
- Artificial Intelligence
- Databases

I've enrolled in the Machine Learning and AI courses for this Fall. Classes start on October 10th. I'm pretty excited. The courses will include lectures, assignments, and evaluations, just like any other course. It sounds very promising. I'd like to see how Stanford's education compares to Waterloo's. I will be taking AI in my final semester at Waterloo, so I'll be able to compare those two classes directly. Although I might not want to take Waterloo's AI course if I'm going to learn the material from this online course... I guess we'll see. You should consider registering in some of these courses if you aren't too busy next Fall. :)

In other news, I finished exams well and I'm enjoying a few weeks of relaxing before Frosh Week hits. After that, I start work at RL Solutions on September 12th. I'm also excited to start working there, as well as go back to the Microsoft development stack, that I love so much. :)

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