Monday, July 11, 2011

Spring Terms and Unity

With two weeks of classes left, I've decided that Spring school terms are a bad idea. I don't feel very academic during Spring terms. All my other Spring terms have be work terms, and I really enjoyed those, but school terms are different. I have to constantly be thinking about what I have to do for my other classes. I'm just not in the mood for it. I just want to sleep in and watch TV (currently, Top Gear and Dr. Who). That doesn't help that 8:30am class. :P Thankfully, I have only three courses this semester, one of which is very interesting. Unfortunately, the others are pretty disappointing. One more assignment rush, then exams, then a few weeks of real summer before I start work in the Fall. Thankfully, this is my last Spring school term.

On another note, I got a chance to play with Unity over the weekend. Unity is a 3D game engine with a powerful editor that minimizes the amount of code you need to write to get something to work. We will be using Unity during the final few weeks of REAP, as we try to create a demo of a museum exhibit on mining. I'm really glad that I got a chance to get paid to learn Unity. :P

My first impressions is that Unity is very powerful and simple to use. You can get a remarkable amount done without knowing how to program. Scripting is very important, but a lot of it is already done for you. For example, you can just drag-and-drop a collider mesh onto an object, and it instantly inherits collision physics. It's a very powerful tool. I'm looking forward to using it in the next few weeks. :)

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